Monthly Archives: December 2014

Thanks To Our Wonderful Photographers!

Photographer John Dean and son.

As we launch into 2015, the Tree Trust would like to thank the generous photographers who have given their time and talent to capture so many wonderful events and folks active in planting and caring for trees. Whether it’s Arbor Day, tree plantings, TreeKeepers classes and workshops, or just the trees and blocks of McElderry Park and Old Goucher, these artists have created wonderful images that convey all the spirit, hard work, and fun of the past few years.

Many thanks to John Dean, Peggy Fox, Anne Gummerson, Russ Moss, and Ron Solomon for all your work and generosity of time and spirit!

Our youngest tree planter Photo by John Dean Celebrating Arbor Day in McElderry Park. Photo by John Dean.
Peggy Fox, documenting McElderry Park since 2011. A great morning for greening up the streets! Photo by Peggy Fox.
Photographer Ron Solomon GIVE Volunteers on N. Linwood in McElderry Park Photo by Ron Solomon
Photographer Anne Gummerson  American Elm on Keswick road in Hamden Photo by Anne Gummerson
Photographer Russ Moss Photo by Sharon Connell First TreeKeepers Class Photo by Russ Moss