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Thank you BB&T Bank Tree Planters!!

A BIG thank you to BB&T Bank for helping us plant 21 trees in Old Goucher!

On the lovely afternoon of May 15, 2015, the BB&T Equipment Finance Corporation folks arrived at Maryland Avenue and 24th Street in Old Goucher for their annual Lighthouse Project. After receiving lunch and an educational presentation from the Tree Trust, this enthusiastic group made a huge improvement in the landscape by weeding, mulching, pruning and planting trees with our organization and several Old Goucher residents.


Thank you BB&T Bank for


BB&T Group Photo

Old Goucher Has Planted 160 Street Trees With Great Volunteers!!

L1000305L1000299As we begin the summer,  the Baltimore Tree Trust and the Old Goucher Community Association can look back on another great planting season. On May 9, we had our biggest tree planting event ever, planting sixty street trees with a big turn-out from fifty volunteers and TreeKeepers.

This was our second spring planting, with trees going in on 24th Street,   up on 27th Street, along Howard Street. A big thanks to Baltimore Lab School, for its 18 energetic volunteers. And an equally big thanks to the all the volunteers who have come back for each planting, and to the new folks who turned out. A good time was had by all!

The new trees lining the blocks around 20th and 21st Streets with  street trees are already providing some shade and green. Some of the new young trees are a wide range of species. Can you identify which are London planes, black gums, honey locusts, yellowwoods, fringe trees, or red maples?

We have now planted 160 new street trees in Old Goucher, and look forward to seeing everyone next fall! Remember to water those new young trees!!!!

Many thanks to our funders and partners:

CBP-logo-RFOL-4c_page_001 OGCA_Logo_letterheadactreesA Spruce-Up grant from Homewood Community Partners awarded to the Old Goucher Community Association made possible 79 of the new street trees.  (The Spruce Up grants are a new funding source for Greater Homewood communities, administered by the Central Baltimore Partnership.)



And thank you to the Alliance for Community Trees and the Chesapeake Bay Trust for funding  the planting of another 60 of the 160 street trees.

BB&TAnd thanks again to the fine volunteers from BB&T who turned out to plant street trees along Maryland Avenue and 23rd Street!



Flanigan worker cuts the concrete. The hoe lifts out the cut concrete.Flanigan logoAnd, thanks once again  to the generosity and hard-working men of P. Flanigan & Sons for cutting the new pits in time for these spring plantings! They also will continue to cut all the new tree pits for this coming  fall in Old Goucher. All this work has been pro bono – very civic-minded generosity. One of the most difficult and expensive parts of greening up a neighborhood with new street trees is getting new pits opened and prepared for the trees.

This can be complicated, hard work, and we are very grateful for all P. Flanigan & Sons have done, and look forward to their generous partnership as we prepare for more plantings this  fall. Thank you Flanigan!