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The Trees Are Coming! to Milton-Montford

In early January, Jill Jonnes and summer Green Team leader Kashawna Duncan  (left) stopped in to visit with Milton-Montford President, Sarah Broadwater (right), and her Vice President, Seretha Staten, to present a few Green Buckets for local Tree Stewards.   “Trees are good for the city,” said these green leaders, excited that more 200 new  street trees are coming to their neighborhood.

Jill and Kashawna then set out to canvass blocks throughout the community due east of Johns Hopkins Hospital to speak with residents and sign up Tree Stewards, who get one of the very popular Green "A Tree Is Coming" Buckets when they pledge to use it to water  the tree that will be planted in front of their home either this spring or fall.  Milton-Montford is one of 17 communities in the Harris Creek Watershed.

Most neighbors were very welcoming and happy to hear they would soon have cooling shade and green trees. Twenty residents signed up as Tree Stewards.

Resident getting excited about the trees coming to his neighborhood!

Neighborhood street in need of TREES!