Baltimore Tree Trust Plants 4,000 Trees and Counting!

Baltimore Tree Trust (BTT) is proud to announce the planting of our 4,000th tree in Baltimore!

On June 16th 2017 BTT was joined by 9 employees from Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP to plant our 4,000th tree at the intersection of N Kenwood Ave. and E Chase St. in the Biddle Street community as part of their Community Service Day. This spring marks a milestone season for the organization as we continue to grow our efforts every year. In spring 2017, we planted 1,140 trees throughout the City of Baltimore. This total consists of 440 new street trees as part of our Trees for Public Health (TPH) program and 700 new trees on private properties as part of our Putting Down Roots (PDR) program. Since the induction of the organization BTT has completely planted a total of six neighborhoods in Baltimore: McElderry Park, Old Goucher, Ellwood Park, Milton Montford, Madison Eastend, and Middle East. In several neighborhoods, we more than doubled the tree canopy and removed thousands of square feet of impervious surface. To date, we have removed over 64,000 square feet of impervious surface throughout Baltimore. These new tree additions and the removal of impervious surface will go a long way toward restoring Baltimore's urban forest.

These efforts would not be possible without the generosity and support from community members, funders, and partners. Our work is a direct reflection of true partnership. We planted the majority of our trees with volunteers, engaging nearly 2,000 volunteers and over 6,000 volunteer hours. We also work with local vendors and organizations such as Center For Urban Families to create green jobs and the transfer of the skills needed to perform these jobs. We are TRANSFORMING BALTIMORE WITH TREES one tree at a time. Thank you to everyone who has helped BTT throughout the years--we couldn't do the work we do without you!


Volunteer Tree Planting in BIRDLAND

In partnership with the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA), the Baltimore Tree Trust transformed "BIRDLAND" with trees!

On April 15th 2017 the air was filled with excitement at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium. Almost 60 volunteers arrived energized and ready to make a difference. The volunteers put their gloves on, grabbed their shovels and planted 75 new trees at the Camden Yards Sports Complex. The varieties planted included maple, sweetgum and london planetree.

The instant transformation of the landscape was obvious to the volunteers and the individuals just passing by giving several "high-fives" and "thank yous" for the work we were doing. Not only did the we transform BIRDLAND but we became one step closer towards our overall mission to TRANSFORM BALTIMORE WITH TREES.

A big thank you to the Maryland Stadium Authority, Baltimore Community Toolbank, Natural Concerns, and all the volunteers that attended this event. Your partnerships and advocacy is very much appreciated and we could not do the work we do without YOU!


We made it on the NEWS! Check out the WJZ news story featuring newly appointed Executive Director, Mark Conway Baltimore Tree Trust is Making Baltimore a Greener City


New Trees for Windsor Hills Elementary School

In partnership with CSX: Beyond Our Rails, Arbor Day Foundation, Alliance for Community Trees, City Year, and Baltimore TreeKeepers the Baltimore Tree Trust (BTT) participated in the "Every Kid Healthy Service Day" event on November 12th 2016. The event was filled with enthusiasm and lots to do! Tasks included beautifying the playground space, enhancing the school's garden, painting indoor and outdoor murals, and PLANTING TREES!

With the help of volunteers, community members, students, and teachers, we planted 52 new trees. Volunteers grabbed their shovels and worked hard digging, staking, mulching and watering the new trees. A lot was accomplished on November 12th and we are happy to have been invited to be part of such a great event. This was a very successful day for the school, community, all partners involved and Baltimore's Urban Canopy.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this event and for helping us TRANSFORM BALTIMORE WITH TREES!







Volunteer Planting at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (JHBMC) receives MORE trees!

The Baltimore Tree Trust planted the first phase of trees in spring 2016. In fall 2016 we completed to second phase of plantings totaling 210 new trees for JHBMC campus in 2016.

On October 15th, 2016, with the help of several volunteers, we planted 30 new maples. We were joined by volunteers from JHBMC and Baltimore TreeKeepers.








Corporate Greening Day with Enterprise Community Partners

On October 13th 2016, 27 volunteers from Enterprise Community Partners participated in our Corporate Greening Day program for their second consecutive year. We began the day with a lunch and learn at Southern Baptist Church on Chester Street providing volunteers with an informative presentation about the Baltimore Tree Trust and the importance of Baltimore's urban canopy. The second part of the day was spent in the Madison Eastend neighborhood planting 20 new pin oaks along Belnord Avenue & Glover Street. Joining us to help plant were Baltimore TreeKeepers Bobby Smith and Fred Chalfant.





Joseph E. Lee Park Gets Over 100 New Trees!


October 8th 2016 100 volunteers planted over 100 trees at Joseph E. Lee Park! As part of a tree mitigation plan for Potts & Callahan, the Baltimore Tree Trust worked with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks and Friends of Joseph E. Lee Park to create a planting plan.

On planting day we were joined by volunteers from non-profit organization Volunteering Untapped, Friends of Joseph E. Lee Park, students from Bowie State University, employees from Brown Advisory, community members, and even some neighborhood pups joined the festivities. We started off the day with a "How To" on properly planting a tree – volunteers learned several valuable skills on how to plant and maintain an urban tree. Urban trees experience a lot of stress through their lifespan – educating individuals about these stresses and how some can be prevented is a very important part of our overall mission.

We cannot thank the volunteers enough for your advocacy. Our success is a direct result of the support we receive from individuals like you. Thank you for your dedication to BTT and the city of Baltimore.


Thank you for






Production by Will Schwarz: WATCH IT TODAY!!!

The Baltimore Tree Trust's (BTT) mission is to restore the city's urban forest and TRANSFORM BALTIMORE WITH TREES through increased tree plantings, tree stewardship, community engagement, public education, advocacy, and research.

Over the last year Will Schwarz of Pennant Productions has donated his time to capture the compelling story of the Baltimore Tree Trust's "A Tree is Coming" campaign in Baltimore City. Since the program started in 2012, we have planted over 2,300 trees for Baltimore, successfully implemented dozens of volunteer planting events, created new partnerships with community members and local businesses, and removed almost 14,000 square feet of impervious surface.

Thanks to Will's dedication to dynamic videography, he has created a production with impactful footage and meaningful insight. A considerable part of the work we do involves community engagement, education, and advocacy. Will captured Sarah Broadwater of the Milton Montford Community Association who states "It beautified the neighborhood. I have lived in this neighborhood for 57 years, you know, these trees have made a difference. I see that the people care--they really care about the neighborhood." Tree plantings improve public health, bring people together, create stronger communities and ultimately strengthen the city as a whole. This video is an excellent visual of the time, hard work, and amazing teamwork that helps make Baltimore a little greener.

We are VERY appreciative of this important documentation Will has provided and we can't wait for him to return in the future to capture the new URBAN CANOPY we are creating!

Thank you Will!

Corporate Greening Day with Maryland Department of the Environment

On September 29th 2016 employees from Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) volunteered their time to help plant trees in east Baltimore. Thanks to MDE 10 new street trees have been planted on Ashland Avenue in Madison Eastend as part of our Corporate Greening Day program.

These volunteers showed great dedication to our organization, the environment, and the city of Baltimore. Now multiple blocks in east Baltimore are lined with beautiful oak trees that will provide shade and reduce stormwater runoff as they grown tall and strong. Every tree counts and together we are making Baltimore a little greener each and everyday.



Thank you Maryland Department of the Environment for helping us TRANSFORM BALTIMORE WITH TREES!

Urban Forests with Jill Jonnes


Baltimore Tree Trust founder Jill Jonnes recently released her latest book, Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape. In this, her sixth publication, Jonnes approaches the development of the urban forestry movement as an arborist might examine the growth rings of a tree. Full of colorful characters such as plant explorers, politicians, and charismatic tree activists, Jonnes tells the tale of how America's urban trees reflect the vigor and health of our cities over time.

Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture with Theresa Pierno | May 18, 2016

On September 27th, the official release of her book, Jonnes was a guest speaker for the Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series at the National Aquarium here in Baltimore. Her thoughtful and passionate presentation previewed this remarkable read about the ebb and flow of the pursuit to preserve and attract the greening of our American cityscapes with trees. Jonnes states "trees are essential to the well-being of citizens who live in urban environments--which is the majority of Americans." Jonnes' book balances the scientific good and the not so good plight of urban trees-from the positive effects on human health and happiness to the challenging effects of accidental imports of pest and diseases.

Recently interviewed by Diane Rehm for the NPR production, The Environmental Outlook: Celebrating and Understanding Our Urban Forests, Jonnes points out historical developments and the people that helped shape the
way we currently view urban trees, as important urban 'green' infrastructure. When asked about one of modern day's most talked about issues, global warming, Jonnes states "...every tree is kind of its own unique story..." Each tree species will need to adapt, just as we do, to the changing environmental conditions. So too, we will need to change our management of city trees so that our urban habitat will continue to be enhanced by these amazingly beneficial plants. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL INTERVIEW)


CLICK HERE to learn more about Jill Jonnes and to order your copy of Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape TODAY!



Upcoming Events:

  • OCT 10 – BookShop West Portal: Jill will be talking about Urban Forests with SF Friends of the Urban Forest at the BookShop West Portal in San Francisco, CA on October 10th at 7:00 pm. BookShop West Portal 80 West Portal Avenue San Francisco, CA 94127 Contact: Susan Tunis 415-564-8080 shop...
  • OCT 11 – KDHX Earthworms Radio Interview: Jill will be interviewed by host & producer Jean Ponzi for KDHX “Earthworms” in St. Louis, MO on October 11th, 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm PT. KDHX broadcasts from Grand Center in St Louis on 88.1 FM and around the world at
  • OCT 13 – Insight – Capitol Public Radio Interview: Listen to a live interview with Jill on Capitol Public Radio’s Insight on October 13th. More details to follow…
  • OCT 13 – Meet Jill Jonnes at The Sacramento Bee: Meet Jill Jonnes at The Sacramento Bee Meet the Author Event on Thursday, October 13th at 7:00 pm at The Sacramento Bee in Sacramento, CA. Book signing and VIP reception hosted by The Tree Foundation prior to the event. Tickets are needed to attend this event. More...
  • OCT 31 – KBOO Locus Focus Interview: Tune in to listen to a live interview with Jill on KBOO Locus Focus in Portland, OR on Monday, October 31st at 2:00 pm ET. Host/Producer: Elaine Velazquez & Barbara Bernstein
  • NOV 7 – New York City Parks Department: Jill will be at the New York City Parks Department on Monday, November 7th. More details to come…
  • NOV 15–16 – Appearance at PCCF Conference, Indianapolis, IN Jill will be making an appearance at the 2016 Partners in Community Forestry Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana on Tuesday & Wednesday, November 15th &...
  • NOV 22 – WYPR Midday Radio Interview: Tune in to listen to a live interview with Jill on WYPR Midday in Baltimore, MD on Tuesday, November 22nd at Noon ET.
  • NOV 22 – Talk, Q&A, Book Signing at The Ivy Bookshop: Jill will be talking about Urban Forests at The Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore, MD on Tuesday, November 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Q&A session and book signing afterwards. THE IVY BOOKSHOP 6080 Falls Road Baltimore, MD 21209 phone: 410-377-2966 email:
  • DEC 8 – Talk, Q&A & Book Signing at Arnold Arboretum: Jill will be talking about Urban Forests at The Arnold Arboretum in Boston, MA on Thursday, December 8th, between 7–8:30 p.m. Q&A session and book signing...




Past, Present & Future with Alex Smith

Alex Smith joined the Baltimore Tree Trust in March 2016 as Field Operations & Outreach. Since then Alex has excelled at his day to day duties while also making a real impact in the neighborhoods where we are working. From educating residents about our organization's mission, to managing day labor, to planting trees, Alex has proven how to successfully multi-task in a high pace environment.

Prior to Alex joining the team he was incarcerated for 15 years. He has spoken openly about his experience and was recently interviewed by National Public Radio's (NPR) PRI's Living on Earth (CLICK HERE to listen to full interview).

He spoke in his interview of his past, present and future. Speaking to the present: "I hope I'm not an anomaly.  I would hope that eventually this catches on because every day that I'm out in the street I see opportunity." Alex is a very motivated person and used his time while in prison to participate in horticulture classes that were instructed by a college professor and become a certified Master Gardener through the Maryland Cooperative Extension Program.

The Baltimore Tree Trust strives to improve the environment and the communities that make up the City of Baltimore. Alex is a huge asset to the team and works every day, going above and beyond what is expected, to make Baltimore a healthier and more beautiful place to live.