Partnerships that Keep on Giving

We give a big THANK YOU to P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc. for their generosity and hard work. They continue to help our organization transform Baltimore into a greener healthier city!

20141001_09241820141001_100604Flanigan & Sons, Inc. donated time, labor and equipment to remove impervious surfaces. They removed and recycled over 3,200 square feet of concrete which allowed us to plant over 100 new street trees!

One of the most difficult and expensive parts of greening a neighborhood with new street trees is generating opportunities for those trees to be planted. Concrete needs to be removed to provide opportunities for new tree wells and to enlarge existing tree wells to allow for our urban tree canopy to grow tall and strong. This is complicated hard work and we are very grateful for all P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc. has done for our organization.


pit 1-OG45Thank you for helping us TRANSFORM BALTIMORE WITH TREES!