Team UNLESS Promotes “Plant More Trees” as They Power the “Beast” Through Kinetic Sculpture Race

A determined team of Baltimore green groups came together to enter their first-ever collective float/ sculpture into the American Visionary Art Museum's (AVAM) legendary annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. Despite skeptics, broken chains, and a hot and humid day on Sunday June 15, Team UNLESS and its Lorax "Plant More Trees" vehicle -- aka The Beast" -- completed the 16-mile "race." The 34 sculptures departed the museum around 10:30, headed up to Riverside Park, back along  Key Highway, around the Inner Harbor towards Canton. There they lined up and demonstrated their craft's ability to float and navigate back up onto dry ground. A large crowd cheered us on!

Then, onward to Patterson Park and its treacherous mud pit. Up at the Pagoda, the team stopped and planted a tree with a time capsule. The trip through Butcher's Hill was a breeze and then it was back around the Inner Harbor, up past the museum, along Key Highway, up some hills (which felt very steep), and then mercifully down the final hill to the museum. It had taken seven pretty grueling hours, but a good time was had by all, and the Lorax had proclaimed its message every mile of the journey!