Past, Present & Future with Alex Smith

Alex Smith joined the Baltimore Tree Trust in March 2016 as Field Operations & Outreach. Since then Alex has excelled at his day to day duties while also making a real impact in the neighborhoods where we are working. From educating residents about our organization's mission, to managing day labor, to planting trees, Alex has proven how to successfully multi-task in a high pace environment.

Prior to Alex joining the team he was incarcerated for 15 years. He has spoken openly about his experience and was recently interviewed by National Public Radio's (NPR) PRI's Living on Earth (CLICK HERE to listen to full interview).

He spoke in his interview of his past, present and future. Speaking to the present: "I hope I'm not an anomaly.  I would hope that eventually this catches on because every day that I'm out in the street I see opportunity." Alex is a very motivated person and used his time while in prison to participate in horticulture classes that were instructed by a college professor and become a certified Master Gardener through the Maryland Cooperative Extension Program.

The Baltimore Tree Trust strives to improve the environment and the communities that make up the City of Baltimore. Alex is a huge asset to the team and works every day, going above and beyond what is expected, to make Baltimore a healthier and more beautiful place to live.