News & Science of Urban Trees

Learn The Many Benefits of City Trees

We all know that on a hot, sunny day, trees make things cooler. We'd all prefer to enjoy the shade of  a tree. But urban trees play a far more powerful and complex role  that is only now coming to be understood, thanks to decades of  scientific research. Our oaks, our elms, and all our other trees improve public health in a surprising number of ways--by, for instance, helping to reduce crime. Urban trees help to stimulate  local economies, increase property values, and mitigate storm water that pollutes our harbor and the Chesapeake Bay. They are crucial to wild life and habitat. That's why we believe we can Transform Baltimore With Trees!

The Alliance for Community Trees, an umbrella organization for tree-planting non-profits, has gathered much of this fascinating research and we share it here. BENEFITS OF TREES.PDF