Tree Walks

Patterson Park Tree Walk

A one-hour loop trail.


On April 19, 1827, Baltimore merchant William Patterson presented the city of Baltimore with the first six acres of what is today one of Baltimore’s best-loved parks, a picturesque urban oasis of 137 acres. This Guided Tree Walk takes you through the west side of the park, conceived as a Victorian pleasure ground. Enjoy the pastoral vistas as we amble along the park’s gently curving paths and learn about several dozen of the park’s tree species. Our walk begins at the White House (offices of the Friends of Patterson Park) at the Lombard Street entrance. We will then wend our way past the Marble Fountain, the four-story Pagoda, loop down around the Boat Lake, walk back up past the rustic stone Casino, the Bullshead Circle, and finish up back at the Marble Fountain.

Download the Patterson Park Tree Walk PDF