Baltimore TreeKeepers

Amanda & GroupThe Baltimore TreeKeepers (TK) is a city-wide tree stewardship program open to anyone interested in Baltimore's trees. TreeKeepers promotes healthy trees by educating residents and increasing their role in the care of the city's trees. Through this training, citizens can become tree advocates and share the responsibility to plant and care for trees in their neighborhood and throughout the city.


TreeKeepers includes several levels and types of classes, ranging from purely educational to hands-on training that teaches citizens to care for their trees and environment. Some of the hands-on training allows citizens to perform work on public trees that requires a permit; these classes will have a "test of competency" to certify citizens in best urban tree care practices. Certified tree planters and pruners will be encouraged to assist TreeBaltimore partners at spring and fall tree planting events.



TreeKeepers has been developed through a partnership among Baltimore City’s Department of Recreation and Parks’ TreeBaltimore program, the Baltimore Tree Trust, and the Baltimore City Forestry Board with assistance from the Department of Planning’s Office of Sustainability, Baltimore Green Space, Blue Water Baltimore and the Parks & People Foundation.


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