Thanks to All Our Volunteers for New Trees in McElderry Park & Old Goucher!

A big THANK YOU! to the hundreds of volunteers, trained TreeKeepers, and neighbors who came out this fall to plant 183 street trees, greening up our two Trees for Public Health NeighborhoodsMcElderry Park and Old Goucher. A special shout-out to Goucher College, whose students showed up en masse in McElderry Park before school started for a day of planting, clean-up, and storm-water stencil-spraying, and then returned for more street tree planting days in both McElderry Park and Old Goucher, where the original Goucher campus now houses the Baltimore Lab School.

Dan Millender, our Executive Director, and Amanda Cunningham, Director of Programs, rallied the troops, while our Tree Guys Joe and Mark were indispensable with tree stakes, Spuddy, shovels, and whatever else was needed.

Planting up Kenwood Avenue in McElderry Park

McElderry Park: Kashawna Duncan (pictured), a Summer Green Team Crew Leader, spent a morning home from college helping getting in more street trees to create more shade next summer for McElderry Park. The Tree Trust and all our many volunteers planted 100 more trees in October and November, leafing out the adjoining streets.

The landscape architects of Ayers Saint Gross joined us for a special Friday afternoon street tree planting. Kudos to Jonathon Ceci of that firm and his team for their enthusiasm and hard work. We look forward now to the Spring of 2015 when we and our partners there launch  our final planting season in McElderry Park. We will have doubled the number of street trees, cooling the air, absorbing storm water, and beautifying the community. Thanks to the McElderry Park Community, Banner Neighborhoods, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, and Prince of Peace for all your help!

  • Old Goucher Community Assn. President Kelly Cross & Tree Trust ED Dan Millender – photo by John Dean

Old Goucher: Our youngest and smallest tree planter is pictured, standing proudly with parents and neighbors after planting this handsome European Hornbeam that's a new arboreal resident of their community.

And in the next photo, two of Baltimore's veteran community forestry folk: Amanda Cunningham, Tree Trust Director of Programs & Gene DeSantis — they've planted trees together for years. Gene had just finished planting his 14,350th tree!!!


Our youngest tree planter with family & friends – photo by John Dean

Two longtime tree planters: Amanda Cunningham, Tree Trust Director of Programs & Gene DeSantis – photo by John Dean