The New McElderry Park Summer Green Team

Summer’s here and so is the terrific Green Team that cares for the young trees of McElderry Park. We welcome back Kashawna Duncan, Bowie State rising junior, for her second year as a Crew Leader, shown here (far left) with part of her crew on N. Linwood Avenue.

Once again, Coach Waverly Carter is in charge, supervising and inspiring an even bigger group of YouthWorks kids, aided this summer by a new Assistant Supervisor, Bradley Vassallo,  a Temple University intern with a special interest in community development.




Demetrios Clark, Green Team Crew Leader, far left

Demetrios Clark ( far left) is the second Green Team Crew Leader this year, promoted from crew member last summer. On the Green Team’s first day on the job, they began on N. Linwood Avenue, where they were attaching the first of almost 250 20-gallon Gator watering bags to the young London planes. The Midtown Benefits District watering service will come round during the upcoming summer to fill the Gator bags.

In the next six weeks, the Summer Green teams will be out and about weeding all the existing young street tree wells, mulching them, re-staking trees that need it, removing old stakes, and engaging in minor pruning.




Coach Carter (left) and his Assistant Supervisor Bradley Vassallos

It is great to have a seasoned team of young leaders and tree ambassadors in place. We thank Banner Neighborhoods, which is running this program as a partner with the Tree Trust for the third summer in a row. And we very much appreciate the hard work of the students who come through the city’s YouthWorks program.